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Participating Institutions and Investigators (SciDAC-4)

[Color denotes Physics or Computer Science & Applied Mathematics
Postdocs are indicated by (p) and graduate students by (g); all others are faculty or laboratory staff.]

Argonne National Laboratory
R. Butler, K. Fossez (FRIB-TA Fellow), A. Lovato, E. (Rusty) Lusk, M. Menickelly, S. Narayanan, J. ONeal, S. Pieper (deceased), K. Raghavan (p), N. Rocco (p), S. Wild, R. Wiringa
Indiana University
C. Horowitz, B. Reed (g), J. Yin (g)
Iowa State University
R. Basili (p), M. Lockner (g), P. Maris, S. Pal (g), J. Vary, P. Yin (p)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
E. Ng, C. Yang
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
S. Quaglioni, N. Schunck, M. Verriere
Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. Carlson, S. Gandolfi, M. Grosskopf, E. Lawrence, D. Lonardoni (FRIB Res. Prof.), H. Nam (now at LBNL), S. Novario (p), A. Roggero (now at INT) (p), I. Tews
Michigan State University
Md. Afibuzzaman (g), H.M. Aktulga, S. Bogner, M. Chen (g), S. Giuliani (p), H. Hergert, D. Lee, T. Li (g), W. Nazarewicz, S. Wang (p)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
G. Fann, G. Hagen, G. Jansen, J. Lietz (p), X. Mao (p)
Ohio State University
R. Furnstahl, A. Garcia (g), M. Hisham (g), P. Millican (g), A. Tropiano (g), X. Zhang (p)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
J. Engel, E. Ney (g)
University of Oregon
B. Norris, S. Pollard (g)
University of Tennessee
T. Papenbrock, Z. Sun (p)

See also Foreign Collaborators to the NUCLEI project.