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On this page are links to animated visualizations of NUCLEI-related research.

Nuclear Fusion in Hi-Def

A new model by NUCLEI researchers Bastian Schuetrumpf and Witek Nazarewicz of MSU provides a detailed visualization of the clustering of protons and neutrons within the excited nuclear compound formed just after two nuclei collide and fuse. Learn more and watch the animations here. See the supplemental material from the published article on Cluster formation in precompound nuclei in the time-dependent framework for additional movies.

Nuclear Pasta

Large scale GPU computing is used to perform detailed molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of the crusts of neutron stars, including complex nuclear pasta phases, to determine possible structures. A nuclear pasta visualization by David Reagan (Advanced Visualization Lab IU), A. S. Schneider, J. Hugho, C. J. Horowitz, and D. Berry is available here.