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2017 NUCLEI Collaboration meeting will be June 6-8 in Santa Fe, NM

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Santa Fe (near downtown but slightly off the plaza). Follow this link to register, submit an abstract, and reserve a hotel room, plus learn more about the meeting.

Good News (see also NUCLEI in the News and the Good News Archive)

NUCLEI Project Co-Director awarded Flerov Prize
Witek Nazarewicz, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Physics at Michigan State University and FRIB Chief Scientist, has been awarded the G.N. Flerov Prize from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research for outstanding research in nuclear physics. He was cited for his theoretical studies of the atomic and nuclear properties of the heaviest elements. Congratulations to Dr. Nazarewicz!
PRL by NUCLEI researcher and collaborators selected as Editors' Suggestion
The paper "Nuclear Physics Around the Unitarity Limit" by Sebastian König and collaborators was chosen as a Physical Review Letters Editors' Suggestion. Dr. König, who recently became a Herzberg Fellow at TU Darmstadt, led this work as a NUCLEI postdoc at Ohio State University. Congratulations to Dr. König!
Article by NUCLEI researcher selected for journal highlights
The article "Challenges in nuclear structure theory" by Witek Nazarewicz was chosen by the Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics for inclusion in their "Highlights of 2016", which showcases the best work published in each section of the journal. Congratulations to Dr. Nazarewicz!
NUCLEI researcher promoted at ISU
Pieter Maris has been promoted by Iowa State University to Research Full Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, effective July 1, 2017. Congratulations to Dr. Maris!
NUCLEI researcher leads DOE topical collaboration in nuclear theory
Nicolas Schunck of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the principal investigator of the FIRE (Fission In R-process Elements) topical collaboration in nuclear theory. The collaboration involves scientists at the University of Notre Dame, North Carolina State University, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory. The five-year award is jointly funded by the NNSA and DOE Office of Science and will explore the role that fission recycling plays in nucleosynthesis. The collaboration will use state-of-the art density functional theory (DFT), nuclear reaction theory and high-performance computing to compute atomic masses, fission fragment distributions, fission, beta decay and neutron capture rates and assess their impact on abundance patterns for each potential astrophysical site of the r-process. Comparisons of predictions with solar data as well as spectroscopic data from halo stars will determine the nuclei whose fission properties are most critical for the r-process abundance pattern. This project will make an essential contribution to understanding the origin of elements in the cosmos.
NUCLEI Project PI awarded 2017 Feshbach Prize
Joe Carlson of Los Alamos National Laboratory has been awarded the 2017 American Physical Society Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics. He was cited for his pioneering work on Quantum Monte Carlo techniques to solve key problems in nuclear structure physics, cold atom physics, and dense matter theory of relevance to neutron stars. Congratulations to Dr. Carlson!
NUCLEI researcher awarded Young Scientist Prize from IUPAP
Andreas Ekström, former NUCLEI member as a postdoc at the University of Tennessee and ORNL and now a NUCLEI Foreign Collaborator as Assistant Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, was recently awarded the prestigious IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in nuclear physics at the International Nuclear Physics Conference in Adelaide, Australia. The citation reads: "For his groundbreaking contributions in the optimization of nuclear interactions from chiral effective field theory using advanced physical and mathematical tools in quantifying the theoretical uncertainties. This has allowed accurate ab initio many-body calculations in the areas of nuclear structure and reactions, reproducing for the first time both nuclear binding energies and radii in higher precision and giving realistic saturation properties of nuclear matter." Congratulations to Dr. Ekström!
Recognitions for NUCLEI young scientists
Congratulations to these young researchers!
  • Maria Piarulli has won the Old Dominion University College of Sciences "Lee Entsminger Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award" for 2015-2016.
  • Alumnus Saori Pastore is receiving the Few-Body System Award for Young Scientists at this year's 23rd European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics
NUCLEI researcher Bob Wiringa named Argonne Distinguished Fellow
The Argonne Distinguished Fellows "are recognized internationally for their work and show the type of leadership that impacts Argonne’s future and its mission." It is the highest scientific/engineering rank at Argonne National Laboratory, a distinction held by only a few percent of the research staff, and comparable to an endowed chair at a top-ranked university. Congratulations to Dr. Wiringa!
Team led by NUCLEI researcher wins HPC Innovation Excellence Award
The ACCOLADES scalable workflow management tool developed at Argonne National Laboratory by a team led by Shashi Aithal and NUCLEI scientist Stefan Wild is a recipient of the HPC Innovation Excellence Award. See more details on the announcement and the project. Congratulations!
NUCLEI researchers have key role in new DOE topical theory collaboration
The topical collaboration "Nuclear Theory for Double-Beta Decay and Fundamental Symmetries" is one of three recently chosen for five-yea awards from the Department of Energy. Nine of the fifteen senior investigators --- Scott Bogner, Joseph Carlson, Jonathan Engel (PI), Stefano Gandolfi, Gaute Hagen, Mihai Horoi, Witold Nazarewicz, Thomas Papenbrock, and James Vary --- are members of NUCLEI. The collaboration will focus primarily on the accurate computation, with quantified uncertainty, of the nuclear matrix elements that govern the rate of neutrinoless double-beta decay. Several large-scale experiments to measure or set limits on the rate are underway or planned. The collaboration will also work to better understand the nuclear physics underlying atomic electric dipole moments and the interaction of dark matter with ordinary matter. For an announcement of the recent awards, see here.
Papers by NUCLEI researchers selected as "Editor's Suggestions" in PRC
These recent papers describing NUCLEI physics have been highlighted by the Editors of Physical Review C: Congratulations to these scientists!
NUCCOR code selected as CAAR application
The NUCCOR project (Nuclear Coupled-Cluster - Oak Ridge), headed by NUCLEI researcher Gaute Hagen, has been selected as one of only 13 science projects for the Center for Accelerated Application Readiness (CAAR) program. CAAR is focused on redesigning, porting, and optimizing application codes for the next-generation supercomputer Summit's hybrid CPU-GPU architecture.
NUCLEI researcher Esmond Ng selected as SIAM Fellow
Dr. Esmond Ng has been designated as a Fellow in the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). SIAM Fellows are recognized for their distinguished contributions to the disciplines of applied mathematics, computational science and related fields. The citation for Dr. Ng reads (in part): "He is being recognized for contributions to the development, analysis, and application of sparse matrix algorithms for solving large-scale scientific and engineering problems." Congratulations!
NUCLEI researcher Thomas Papenbrock elected as APS Fellow
The Division of Nuclear Physics recognized Dr. Papenbrock as a Fellow in The American Physical Society. The citation reads: "For innovative theoretical approaches to the nuclear many-body problem and other finite quantum systems." Congratulations!
Special issue on nuclear uncertainty quantification features NUCLEI researchers
A special focus issue of the Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics devoted to Enhancing the interaction between nuclear experiment and theory through information and statistics (ISNET) includes multiple collaborative articles by NUCLEI physicists and applied mathematicians on uncertainty quantification for chiral interactions, effective field theory, energy density functionals, and more.
DOE awards 204 million processor hours for computational nuclear structure/reactions
The DOE INCITE program has awarded a large number of hours on DOE's Leadership Class computers for NUCLEI computational nuclear physics projects in 2015. More details are available on the 2015 INCITE award. Congratulations to the NUCLEI INCITE team!
NUCLEI researcher Nicolas Schunck elected to NUGEX
The NERSC Users Group Executive Committee is the voice of the user community to NERSC and DOE. NUGEX is consulted on many NERSC policy issues and members participate in their office's NERSC Requirements Reviews of High Performance Computing and Storage. Congratulations to Nicolas Schunck of LLNL on his election to a three-year term as one of the three representatives from Nuclear Physics.
NUCLEI team wins NERSC award
The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) has announced that NUCLEI investigators James Vary, Pieter Maris, Esmond Ng and Chao Yang have been awarded the NERSC Exascale Science Application Program (NESAP) for "Weakly Bound and Resonant States in Light Isotope Chains Using MFDn -- Many Fermion Dynamics Nuclear Physics."  The project team also includes George Papadimitriou (ISU), Mark Caprio (UND), and Meiyue Shao (LBNL). With this award, the project team, working with NERSC, Cray, and Intel "will undertake intensive efforts to adapt software to take advantage of Cori's Knights Landing manycore architecture and to use the resultant codes to produce pathbreaking science on an architecture that may represent an approach to exascale systems." See additional information about the project and about the full list of 20 awards. Congratulations to these scientists!
NUCLEI young researchers recently named to faculty, permanent staff and fellow positions
Congratulations to these scientists on their new positions!
  • Dr. Heiko Hergert has joined the faculty at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor.
  • Dr. Diego Lonardoni began a five-year research position as an FRIB Theory Fellow at LANL in October, 2015.
  • Dr. Nobuo Hinohara has joined the faculty in the Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba as an Assistant Professor.
  • Dr. Andrew Steiner has joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee in the Department of Physics as an Assistant Professor.
  • Dr. Jason Holt has joined the TRIUMF Theory Group as a Research Scientist.
  • Dr. Metin Aktulga has joined the faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University as an Assistant Professor.
  • Dr. Alessandro Lovato has joined the Argonne Theory Group Staff as a Research Scientist.
  • Dr. Roman Senkov has joined the faculty in the Department of Natural Sciences at City University of New York's LaGuardia Community College as an Assistant Professor.
  • Dr. Jordan McDonnell has joined the faculty at Francis Marion University as an Assistant Professor of Physics.
NUCLEI researcher wins UNC postdoctoral award
Congratulations to Dr. Mika Mustonen, who has won a university-wide award for research excellence at the University of North Carolina. Further details are available from the UNC Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.
Paper by NUCLEI researcher selected as "Publisher's Pick" in J.Phys. G
The paper "Error estimates of theoretical models: a guide" by Witek Nazarewicz and collaborators Jacek Dobaczewski and P.G. Reinhard has been highlighted by the publisher of Journal of Physics G, who writes: "In every scientific discipline estimating errors is vital to understanding data. This work provides an outstanding guide to uncertainty quantification in nuclear structure models, and acts as a precursor to an upcoming JPhysG Focus Issue on 'Enhancing the interaction between nuclear experiment and theory through information and statistics'." Congratulations!
Papers by NUCLEI researchers selected as "Editor's Suggestions" in PRC
Several recent papers describing NUCLEI physics have been highlighted by the Editors of Physical Review C: Congratulations to these scientists!

Announcements (see also News Archive)

TALENT course lecture videos available
The TALENT course Density Functional Theory and Self-Consistent Methods was held at the University of York in York, UK, from July 17 to August 6, 2016. The principal lecturers were Jacek Dobaczewski, Andrea Idini, Alessandro Pastore, and Nicolas Schunck. Videos of the lectures and written materials are freely available.
Upcoming workshops, conferences, and other meetings
Please see the Meetings page.
Faculty and Permanent Research Positions in NUCLEI-related science
Tenure-track Assistant Professor positions in Nuclear Theory at Michigan State University, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in Nuclear Physics (experimental, theoretical or computational) at Rutgers University have been announced. Faculty openings have previously been announced for Lund University, LSU, Washington University, Texas A&M University, Michigan State University, Temple University, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Lehigh University, Washington State University. Permanent research positions have been announced for RIKEN. See Job Postings for details.
Postdoc and Fellow Positions in NUCLEI-related science
Postdoc openings for 2017 has been announced for the INT, the NSF Hub N3AS, MIT, Ohio State University, Ohio University, University of Maryland, University of Washington, ECT*, Los Alamos, JLab, TRIUMF, and Argonne National Lab. See Job Postings for details.